Pet Insurance for Dachshunds

February 8, 2008

I’m sure many Dachshund owners have wondered if they should get pet insurance. I’ve recently completed a lot of homework and research on this issue. It is impossible to say, in my opinion, that pet insurance is a good idea for everyone. Circumstances can vary greatly from one pet owner to the next.

You could go many years without there being anything significantly wrong with your Doxie. The pet insurance payments over those years could add up to be quite a lot of money out of your pocket. By the same token, if and when you do have to have an expensive procedure, the pet insurance sure would come in handy. Who wants to put $3000.00 (or more) on a credit card for doxie back surgery when your pet insurance could pay most all of the expense?

Some who may not have much money or insurance might consider putting their doxie “to sleep” rather than paying for back surgery or some other serious illness/injury.  This is a terrible thing for me to think of but I’m sure it happens. Of course pet insurance doesn’t just help for the expensive stuff; it also comes in very handy for all the more routine things.

I use to have pet insurance for my Dachshund, Charlie, but currently do not. I wish I did! I do not exactly recall why I ever cancelled my pet insurance as it was years ago. I believe however that it had to do with me going through a very difficult money situation.  When I had it, it did make me feel more secure and helped quite a bit.

Charlie is 12.5 years old now so if any insurance company agreed to cover him, I’m sure the premiums would be very expensive and his coverage options quite limited.  Many pet insurance companies would not accept him based on his age.  Fortunately,  Charlie’s health has always been quite good Thank God! 

No one can argue, in my opinion, that having pet insurance is a bad thing. Over the course of a month, the expense for it would likely be pennies per day out of your pocket. You would probably spend as much if not more in one month buying your family lunch or dinner at a modestly priced restaurant. Attending one professional sports game would cost far more than one month of pet insurance for your Dachshund.

If you want pet insurance, it is better to sign up while your Hotdog is young; premiums are cheaper for young wieners. You then can get locked in at a good price for the life of your Dachshund. Furthermore, if you sign up while your friend is healthy, there is a reduced chance you can be denied coverage for a “preexisting condition.” Once you doxie gets older the premiums go up and if your friend has a pre-existing condition, you likely will be denied coverage for any complications related to that condition. Most any new condition would be covered.

The most impressive pet insurance company I found, with my focus being overwhelmingly on Dachshunds, is called Embrace Pet Insurance. They are based in the North of Ohio.  They were quickly responsive to my inquiries and very pleasant to interact with.  I had a good “vibe” or feeling from my contacts with them.

Their policies are customizable meaning you choose what maximums, deductibles, options, etc. that you want. You then get quotes and can adjust or choose accordingly. This is all easily done through their website. You need to sign  up purebred dogs between the ages of 8 weeks at a minimum and 6 years at a maximum; this would apply for most of us Dachshund folks.  If not a purebred dog the age window is 8 weeks to 8 years. If you sign up prior to the 6th year of age of your purebred Dachshund, you are covered and can never, as your doxie ages, be ejected from Embrace’s program.

So you probably want to know if Embrace will help if your Doxie comes down with a dreaded back problem? The answer is YES! If your Dachshund has had no back problems or symptoms prior to you getting pet insurance with Embrace you are safe. For example, if you have had your pet insurance for awhile and then your Dachshund develops back problems for the first time, Embrace will take care of you. You are also then covered should the condition become chronic. Many other insurance companies will not cover back problems in Dachshunds since the breed is predisposed to this kind of problem. Embrace does not preclude hereditary and genetically predisposed conditions like many other pet insurance companies do.

Dachshund with Wheels

Embrace, like all pet insurance companies,  has what is called a waiting period.  A waiting period is a window of time from when you sign up for insurance to when it actually kicks in. This deters people taking out insurance just to make a claim;  this makes it more fair for everybody that has the insurance. At Embrace, the waiting period is 14 days for both accidents and illnesses and 6 months for cruciate ligament injuries. So let’s say you sign up today and your doxie has a problem in a week–you are not covered because this falls into the 14 day waiting period. Let’s say your doxie has a problem 3 weeks after you sign up—-you then are covered and forever after. There is no waiting period when your policy renews; it only applies when you are a new enrollee.

The ideas and plans for Embrace began to take root in 2003 or thereabouts and the company officially launched in 10/06. The youth of the company worried me a bit. I thought to myself…if they are new maybe they are not yet strong or solid or maybe they won’t last very long.  My research however eliminated any fears I had.  Here are some things I found out by talking to one of the higher ups at Embrace.  They are insured by Lloyd’s of London. Embrace is growing and doing very well. While many other companies in the vicinity of Embrace are laying off per the bad economy, they in fact have been hiring. I also came across favorable comments from customers. Good customer satisfaction, to me, is an indicator an organization will continue to thrive.

So in conclusion, it is a personal decision if you chose to obtain pet insurance; no one knows your situation better than you do. If you decide you do wish to have pet insurance, I suggest you sign up sooner rather than later. If Charlie were younger and my money situation better, Embrace would be my first choice for pet insurance.  As it is, he is way over their age limitation so would not be accepted anyway.

My goal is to do my utmost to have Charlie around until he is at least 20 years old.  I was worried sick the few times he tweaked his back. His only problem at the moment is dry eye syndrome.   

I hope this article has been helpful and I wish all of you the best with your Dachshund/s or with whatever other pet you may have!

Sincerely, Link

nose-to-tail pet insurance coverage with Embrace