Loves Taking A Shower In The Sink

Construction Worker Wiener Dogs

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Batdog & Robin Defeat The Burglar

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Baby And Dachshund

Dachshund Emergency Responders Rush To Help Injured Woman

Amazing Dachshund Agility

Obie, the massively obese Dachshund (he is lean and healthy nowadays)

Dachshund Road Rage

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Dachshund Attacks A Printer

Dachshund Helps Farmer Roundup Cattle

Dexter The Dachshund And The Missing Pool Thermometer

Dachshund And Cat On Treadmill

Madeline The Dachshund And Crab On Beach

Cute Dachshund Gets Stuck In A Sweater

Cute Dachshund Makes A Bed In Suitcase

These Russian Dachshunds Playing With A Balloon Are Too Cute To Refute

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Adorable Dachshund Puppies Playing and Having Fun

Dachshund Loves To Chase And Retrieve Ball


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