Dachshund Resources in Oregon

April 27, 2013

Aston Acres Miniature Dachshunds – All Coats

Big Bad Doxies – Miniature All Coats

CMOHearn Dachshund Inc. – Miniature Shorthaired and Longhaired

Destiny Dachshunds – Miniature Shorthaired

DoxieLee Mini Dachshunds – All Coats

Goodwood House Oregon – Standard Shorthaired

Hope Dachshunds

Jibberish (Blog)

Longdox Mini Dachshunds

Lyndach’s Fine Miniature Dachshunds – Longhaired and Wirehaired

Niebur Dachshunds – Standard Shorthaired

Oregon Dachshund Rescue, Inc.

Sausage Stables – Standard Shorthaired

The Greater Portland Dachshund Club

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